Do you want to be more badass?  Do you wake up in the morning thinking, ‘Man, I am such a wussy little wuss face’?

Well if that is you, then you could really learn a lot from this video of one of my students.  She is transforming herself from Wuss to Badass as she wears this electric shock Dog collar.  I am very proud of her in this video, and I would be proud of you if you shocked yourself too!

Be badass, shock yourself in the throat.  Watch video and do what she does, no directions necessary.

Yes it is true, the greatest actor still alive today, Jean Claude Van Damme, has decided to do some beer commercials.  In honor of this I will only drink Coors Light Beer from this day forward.  I will also purchase more denim shirts with cut off sleeves.

Jean Claude has truly embraced his love for Coors Light, like most Belgians do, after trying this American beer.  See commercials here:

Hey Fans of Me! Here is a behind the scenes shot from the movie I am working on this holiday season… ‘Rabbi’s Revenge’!

Check out this picture of my new character, Rabbi Shmulie, who Jew-Jitsu’s the matzah balls out of a group of thugs trying to take over his synagogue.

Hanukkah movies are the new Christmas movies…

Get ready for one serious DREIDEL SMACKDOWN!

Rabbis Revenge JB-1

Every now and then you come across a scene in a movie that will change your life.   This scene is not one of them.

HOWEVER, it is one of the greatest moments in cinematic history.  A few things stand out to me as ground breaking and I will surely use the following creative techniques in some, none, or all of my future films:

1.  The use of alternating Slow-Mo/Regular Speed with the guy getting killed and the girl doing the killing.

2.  The consistency of the guy’s yell while dying.  It’s almost as if they used the same scream each time he got shot, even though we know that no one would ever do that.

3.  And finally, the addition of an extra bullet hole in the guy’s back after only one shot.  This clearly shows that the girls weapon must have the ability to fire two bullets at once, thus making it an incredibly badass hand gun.

I haven’t cried this hard watching a movie since the original Dolemite with everybody’s favorite Rudy Ray Moore…

***Special Thanks to Los Angeles based badasses, Aaron Hedrick and Oscar Leiva for introducing me to this timeless piece of artwork***

Do you like Nascar? Indy? How about the future of car racing, K1 Speed in Torrance!

Sometimes people just want me to appear at places because I am a celebrity.  This time, I appeared at the Frutron 400, a car race between youtube stars Kimmy Kim and Frutron.

They asked me to be the Flag Boy for their race, but what I gave them was a Flag Man.  Enjoy this intense car race between these two vixens, and also enjoy me swinging my flag around.

To sum up this story, I basically just made flag swinging, badass.  Yeah, that happened.  Check it and let everyone know how much you loved my Cameo!


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Tom Cruise meets Lady Gaga?

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Remember Cocktail? Everybody’s favorite Tom Cruise Bartender movie?  I am very excited to announce that I was cast as the lead in the sequel!

I play the role of ‘Thunder’, a bartender who loves his job, and of course is a total badass and won’t take crap from anybody.  I hope you like this clip from ‘Cocktails of Thunder!’ Directed by the people who brought you ‘Cute Things Exploding!’ Please feel free to share and comment.  Thanks!

He’s a Bartender, He’s a Badass… He’s Thunder… in:  ‘COCKTAILS OF THUNDER’


I am sharing today one of the most innovative and badass weapons that I have ever seen: the AXE/GUN!  Some people have axes, and others have guns… But only vampire hunting presidents have Axe/Guns

***don’t call it a GUN/AXE, that just doesn’t work***

Here is the trailer for the upcoming film starring the man himself, Abraham Lincoln.  Not only did he give famous speeches and free slaves, but he also hunted vampires, as seen in the below footage.  And he probably had the most badass weapon that I have seen since the laser guns in ‘Mars Attacks!’  Let me know what you think!

You take out a bunch of Suckas at a car wash!

As I have mentioned before, my life has been influenced by the greatest action movies in history.  I learned some very important life skills in the following ground breaking scene, and I am sure that you can do the same. Here is what I learned:

1.  You can never have enough bubbles (see whole clip)

2.  Slow Motion makes everything better (see end of clip)

3.  Always have a lady with you who likes throwing bad guys into trash compactors and laughs while they get smashed to death. (see middle of clip)

Please enjoy this clip that has touched so many lives! And remember, stay Badass my friends!

When I was in Mexico…

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Well I just got back from Mexico where I was filming my new movie.  It was a sequel to another film, and they cast me as the lead and replaced the former lead Dolph Lundgren.  Nobody is saying it but we all know it is because he is the one that killed Apollo Creed.  Well, Dolph, all I can say is, looks like that checkered past is finally coming back to bite you in the ass.  I hope you enjoy my movie.  Check out the poster here.  I gotta say, I think its pretty great.

It is my first foray into playing a Mexican, and for those of you who thought that my ‘Acting Range’ is too limited for a role like this, I think you may now be rethinking your thoughts that you think you had when you thought that.  And feel free suck on my burrito…





Today we are going to talk about how BADASS my brain is!

As you know, I use Twitter (and Facebook) to communicate with my fans all over the world.  Popular topics on Twitter are called ‘Trends’, and since regular/average trends are not at all badass, I told my brain to come up with a new invention, which I call the ‘TREND MASHUP‘.  I have been mashing up trends for a while now on Twitter, with wonderful tweets like:

#IWishPeopleWouldJust #ReplaceFilmsTitlesWithVagina


Take two or more completely random and probably stupid ‘trends’ or topics that make absolutely no sense whatsoever but are,  for some reason, ‘trending’ on Twitter, or on the Web, and put them together to make a complete sentence and/or thought which is no longer stupid, but it is now totally badass…

Think about it, I mean, who wants to tweet or blog about one trending topic, when they could combine 2 or maybe even more trending topics into a much better super sized trending topic.  (Trust me, mashups are always better, go ahead and ask the cast of Glee, not that I have ever seen that show or even know what it is)…

So feel free to Tweet your ‘trend mashup’ to me:  @johnnybadass  OR post it to me on Facebook  and I will Retweet or Re-post my favorites, which would prove to the world that you have a badass brain too. Have fun Mashing!

*** Please send all trend mashups to @johnnybadass and start or end you tweet with the word TREND MASHUP or TM

*** If Johnny Badass decided to Retweet or RePost your Trend Mashup, then he officially owns the rights to it because he said so…

p.s.  I also love to MASH other things like the faces of terrorists.